Laboratory Services

The Student Health Service (SHS) performs a limited number of laboratory tests onsite. We also contract with a full-service laboratory (LabCorp) so that your blood or other specimens can be collected at SHS. Any student who has paid the Health and Related Services Fee is eligible to utilize lab services

Laboratory Tests

  • Students with the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan: There are no additional out of pocket fees for lab tests ordered by SHS clinicians that are sent to our reference laboratory.
  • Students with alternate insurance coverage:  If you waived the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan because you have comparable coverage and you have lab tests ordered by a SHS clinician, we can submit your insurance information to our reference lab, LabCorp, and they can bill your insurance. 
    • Please check that LabCorp is in-network with your insurance plan prior to your appointment at SHS.  You are responsible for any co-insurance or out-of-network costs associated with lab testing.
    • If you prefer not to submit your insurance information, you will be required to pay the cost of the laboratory tests at the time of service and then seek reimbursement from your own insurance plan.  This will be considered an out-of-network service by your insurance. 
  • We are not able to send lab tests requested by any clinician outside of SHS.  You should request that your provider send the labs or go to the nearest service center for your in-network lab. 
    • The in-network lab for Aetna Student Health is Quest Diagnostics.  The closest service center to campus is located at 4071 Broadway, between 171st and 172nd Street.

Notification of Test Results

Once SHS receives your laboratory or radiology results, the ordering clinician will contact you via secure messaging. Please check the online portal for the message and links to the results where applicable.

Please contact SHS if you continue to have health concerns.