Medical Services

The Student Health Service (SHS) seeks to model and provide excellence throughout a full range of primary care services. We also serve as your gateway to and referral source for specialty services, should those be required.

Our dedicated staff, experienced in working with health professions students, recognizes that health sciences students have busy schedules, complex and often stressful lives, and specific health care needs and requirements. We also recognize that students in different schools experience different pressures, concerns and preferences.

Providing excellent and accessible health care services to all students.

SHS charges a $25 “No Show Fee” to students who do not keep their medical appointments. These fees will be transferred to your SSOL account at the time of the missed appointment. Similarly, students who arrive after the time of a scheduled appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Cancellations can be made via the online portal, by calling (212) 305-3400, or by emailing


After Hours Care

If you have a pressing medical or mental health concern we can help you determine what care you need and how best to get it. Call us 24/7 at 212-305-3400. 

During business hours your call will be answered by SHS staff and directed appropriately. 
When we're closed your call will be answered by our after-hours service.  You will speak with a registered nurse and may be connected with an on-call medical or mental health provider from SHS.