Billing and Reimbursement

Billing Issues

When you receive a bill from a provider or facility you visited outside the Student Health Service (SHS), follow these steps:

  1. Do NOT ignore the bill.
  2. Figure out if it is a bill, a statement of charges sent to your insurance company (explanation of benefits), or a claim.
  3. Does the billing provider have your insurance information? Usually there is a space on the back of the claim to provide this information or a number you can call for clarification.
  4. If you have the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan, and you have questions about a claim or a denial, call the Customer Service number, (800) 859-8471. Be sure to get the name of the representative who assists you.
  5. If your claim was denied, did you have the required referral? Please note that referrals cannot be backdated and must be renewed each policy year.
  6. For billing/reimbursement problems that persist after you have followed the above steps, please contact the CUIMC Student Health Service Insurance Office at (212) 305-3400 or


There are two types of reimbursement – a reimbursement from the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan, and a reimbursement from SHS.

  1. Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan reimbursements are given to students who have met the deductible for out of network services and paid for additional services out of pocket, or for students who received services overseas.  Please click here for medical claims and here for prescription drug claims.
  2. SHS reimbursements are given to students who receive a required immunization for a documented, school-sponsored trip that was not available at the SHS. Please complete this form along with the receipt and bring it to the CUIMC Student Health Service Insurance Office at 100 Haven Avenue, Tower 2, 3rd Floor, between 8am and 6 pm, Monday - Thursday; 9am - 4 pm Friday.

Please note reimbursement payments are sent via check and may take 2-4 weeks to process.


Students With Other Insurance Coverage

Certain services at SHS are not covered by the health fee. These include laboratory tests sent to our reference laboratory, certain immunizations, and some medications dispensed at SHS. If you waived the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan and are seen for one of these services, these charges will need to be paid directly to SHS and submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. These will be considered out of network benefits. You will be asked to sign a disclosure prior to receiving the services, and will be provided with the fee schedule. SHS can refer you to an outside laboratory, facility or pharmacy as necessary where you can receive these services as in-network.