Transgender Students

SHS respects the diversity of the CUIMC community and we are committed to providing services to support all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions. Likewise, The Office of University Life makes a commitment to all in our University community and has posted "Affirming protection for transgender students and other Columbia community members" on their blog.

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Transgender students, those who feel that their assigned sex at birth is an incorrect or incomplete description of themselves, may seek individual, customized care with a Primary Care Medical Services provider.

Services may include:

  • Chest/Breast Exam
  • Pelvic Exam & PAP Test
  • Prostate Exam
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening & Treatment
  • Continuation & Maintenance of Hormone Therapy
  • Care Coordination, including referrals for initiation of hormones and reassignment surgery

Students may schedule an appointment with a clinician at the Mental Health Service to discuss a range of topics to address their mental health needs.

The Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan provides coverage for hormone therapy and gender affirming surgery, which are conducted off campus. Schedule an appointment with a Primary Care Medical Services provider who can provide more detailed information.