Emotional Health

Emotional health is an important element of fulfillment in work, academics, relationships, and overall well-being. Individuals with a positive attitude, high self-esteem, a strong sense of self, and the ability to recognize and share feelings with others are more likely to work toward goals, find the resources they need, and attract others with their energy and optimism.

Quick Hits

Emotional health may be strongest when we are able to:

  • Talk with others about emotional concerns
  • Say "no" and set boundaries
  • Feel like we have a strong support network
  • Feel content often

Dig Deeper

At the core of emotional health is emotional intelligence–awareness of your actions and feelings and how they affect those around you. There are five elements that help frame and define emotional intelligence.

Self-awareness: Understand your emotions so as to not allow your feelings to rule you. Know your strengths and weaknesses, trust your intuition, and be honest with yourself.

Self-regulation: The ability to control your emotions and limit impulsive, careless decisions based on strong feelings of anger, jealousy, or guilt. Practice thoughtfulness, be comfortable in change, and be able to say "no" when needed.

Motivation: A strong desire to maintain goal oriented behavior and a willingness to defer short-term results for long-term success.

Empathy: The ability to understand and share another person’s feelings, experiences and emotions. You recognize the wants, needs, and viewpoints of those around you and are great at listening, managing relationships, and relating to others.

Social skills: Communicate well, build and maintain relationships, manage conflict, and be a team player by helping the people around you be better.

Emotional intelligence is not only key to achieving success in life, but is also important in relating to others and achieving your goals. Many people believe the emotional intelligence is as important as regular intelligence; the good news is it can be learned and developed.

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