Falls Prevention Project Completes 48 days without a Fall

Columbia's Inpatient Rehab Team's Falls Prevention Project has reached 48 days without a fall. 

The patients that are overseen by the Inpatient Rehab Team are all at high risk for falling, especially because it is the Team's job is to keep patients mobile and ambulated every day. Due to the high chance that patients can fall during their day to day activites, the Inpatient Rehabilitation Team put together the Falls Prevention Project.

The project implements whiteboards for easy viewing of accurate functional information, places walkers at each bed, and enforces "no-pass zones" that require any member of the team to respond to a call light. These are just a few of the policies put in place by the Falls Prevention Project. 

The department's dedication to patient safety has yielded a significant decrease in falls in our inpatient unit.