The PICTOR Scholars Program

The PICTOR Scholars Program offers short-term and long-term training opportunities in clinical and epidemiological research methods in interstitial lung disease, lung transplantation, and critical illness. The Program is designed primarily for post-doctoral trainees and junior faculty members (MD or PhD) but pre-doctoral trainees (such as medical students, college students, high school students) will be considered as well. Training opportunities last from 3 months to 2 years depending on the needs of the trainee.

Each Scholar is assigned to a primary mentor who provides face-to-face mentoring, oversees specific training progress, and guides the mentee in learning and applying research methods. Scholars are expected to complete at least one research project and to publish their research in a peer-reviewed journal.

Mentors will ensure that trainees achieve proficiency in the following areas tailored to their level of training and experience:

  • Good clinical practices
  • Research study design and development, including hypothesis development, study conduct, participant selection, precise and accurate measurement of exposure, disease, and other variables of interest. Attention will be focused on ethical issues, including harm, equipoise, vulnerable populations, and voluntariness.
  • Data management and analysis with statistical software packages (e.g. Stata, SAS, or R)
  • Written and oral presentation of research findings
  • When applicable, grant composition including construction of specific aims and clear concise writing of research methods
  • When applicable, time management with competing responsibilities in an academic environment, and focus on considering the “opportunity cost” of accepting new responsibilities.

Pictor Mentors

Matthew Baldwin
Pulmonary Fellow & Assistant Professor
Elana Bernstein
Assistant Professor
David Lederer
Associate Professor
Anna Podolanczuk
Pulmonary Fellow & Assistant Professor

Current PICTOR Scholars

Bina Choi Purnema Madahar Michaela Restivo Anderson


John Kim Claire McGroder


Past PICTOR Scholars

Emma Benn
Matthew Baldwin
Jerson Cochancela
Amisha Desai
Madeleine Drusin
Imaani Easthausen
Carolyn Garcia
Amy Giunta
Bianca Harris
Jaime Hook
Katie Jones
Daniela Lamas

Megan Larkin
Sunny Lim
Wen Liu
Dawn Maldonado
Alessa Messineo
Jeffrey Okun
Eric Peterson
Armeen Poor
Nisha Philip
Lauren Pollack
Isaac Quintanilla
Debbie Rybak

Shefali Sanyal Jessica Sell
Rupal Shah
Johnathan Singer
Ashley Tabah
Wendy Tang
Jaya Tiwari
Jeremy Weingarten
Christopher Winterbottom
Min Wu
Corey Ventetuolo

The PICTOR scholar program uses a rolling application cycle. Applicants should submit a 1-page letter that includes the following information

  • Short- and long-term career goals
  • The new skills and knowledge they would like to obtain during training as a PICTOR Scholar.
  • Research areas of interest
  • PICTOR Faculty who they would like to work with
  • Proposed duration of training
  • Any external support available to the applicant

Post-doctoral applicants may be eligible to apply for support through the Columbia Training Program in Lung Science. No additional support or salary is available through the Scholars Program. Applicants will be provided with statistical software.

Please send applications to:
Dr. David Lederer