Coaching Services

The Talent Management team in CUIMC HR offers different types of coaching to meet varying needs of managers/leaders (“clients”) at the medical center. All of our coaching services are structured engagements that are designed to help clients grow faster and more effectively than they could on their own. We bring expertise in professional development, with a deep understanding of human behavior and the competencies leaders need to get to the next level.


What is coaching?

Broadly speaking, coaching is a one-to-one, collaborative relationship in which coach and client work together to assess development needs, set goals and devise actions to achieve goals. The goals may be related to building a new skill, enhancing performance in a current role, or developing leadership skills for a future role.

We offer three different types of coaching:

  • Coaching for Skills: sharply focused on a client’s current project or task.
  • Coaching for Performance: focused more broadly on a client’s effectiveness in current job.
  • Coaching for Development: focused even more broadly on preparing a client for a future job.


How does coaching work at CUIMC?

The Talent Management team uses an evidence-based, data-driven approach to coaching. We also adapt the coaching approach to the needs and preferences of each specific client. It is worth noting that a number of research studies report that coaching provides tangible outcomes, including enhanced learning, work performance and business results.

Our coaches are certified in the best-in-class assessments that top global companies most commonly use for executive coaching. Depending on the situation, our coaches may recommend one or more of the following tools:

  • Personality Assessments 
  • Multi-rater (360°) Feedback
  • Team Assessments 

As internal coaches, we are employees of CUIMC and are familiar with the culture and dynamics of the institution. We can use our organizational knowledge to more effectively meet our clients’ needs.


What does it cost?

Our coaching services require payment by the employee’s department. The fee for coaching varies with the type of coaching and can range from $150 to $400 per hour. The total cost of coaching will be determined during the contracting phase and will be based on the scope of work planned for each engagement.


Service Availability

Please be advised that access to the coaching services provided by the Talent Management team in CUIMC HR depends on the availability of our internal coaches. If our coaches are fully booked, or if you prefer, we can refer you to an external coach who may be able to meet your needs. We have access to a network of independent coaches and coaching agencies. 


Contact Information

For more information please contact:

Aaron Vieira
Sr. Director, Talent & Organization Development