The intern is responsible for writing a detailed history and physical examination on all patients admit¬ted to the ward and the ICU as directed by the chief or senior resident. He/she is to formulate a management plan, an educational plan and write orders. This is done on-line (MYSIS).

The intern will assess all patients and be able to present each patient in a clear and cogent manner, showing understanding of the underlying disease, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, the management plan, and the ultimate implications of the diagnosis.

The intern will write on-line the appropriate admission note and care/education plan within six hours of admission for every patient admitted during his/her duty hours. All appropriate laboratory data and other investigations must be checked on-line and made available for rounds in the morning.

The intern is expected to demonstrate organizational skill in presentation of patients (including labora¬tory or radiological data) during morning and evening rounds with the chief or senior resident as well as teaching ward rounds with the attending staff. He/she is to complete daily work in a timely fashion.

The intern will initiate discharge planning including the 24 hour discharge notice, with guidance from the senior or chief resident, from the moment of patient's admission and advanced directive completed, and will present his/her patients at Discharge Planning Meetings on Wednesday.

The intern is the primary surgical staff for daily patient contact and will oversee total care for his/her patients, including daily examinations, education of each patient, writing daily notes, requesting consultations and acting as the patient's advocate.

The intern will make sure that the senior resident is aware of any changes in the status of the patients, including any abnormal findings. He/she will make sure the pre-operative work-up with consent including risks, benefits, alternative with risk and benefits, is completed before the patient is called to the operating room.

The intern attends all assigned clinics and is available to assist and operate in the operating room.

The intern assists in the Emergency Room and is first on call to take care of inpatients as indi¬cated on the on-call schedule. He/she learns to evaluate and manage, in the Emergency Room setting, acute surgical problems and trauma. When on call, he/she assists or performs procedures in the operating room or on the wards.

The intern may perform minor procedures for which he/she has obtained certification of competency, according to the level of training.

The operating intern will dictate on-line the operative procedures immediately following surgery. A pre-operative note and a brief operative note must be written on all cases.

The intern is expected to demonstrate good interpersonal interaction with peers, staff, patients and their families and to communicate with patients and family on a regular basis.

The intern will make sure the following computerized forms are complete:

1. Patient Education Form
2. Interdisciplinary Plan of Care
3. Continuum of Care, after Discharge
4. Medication Reconciliation
5. Problem List
6. Advanced Directives
7. DVT Prophylaxis

The intern will record all operative procedures performed in the computerized program provided by the Residency Review Committee

The intern will rotate through Woodhull and Harlem hospitals and be introduced to the primary and secondary components of surgery in the following fields:

General Surgery

During the general surgery rotation the interns will cover the following primary and secondary components. The level of compliance will be at the level of a PGY1 (intern) as stated in the components

• Head and Neck
• Breast
• Skin and Soft Tissues
• Alimentary Tract
• Abdomen
• Vascular System
• Endocrine System
• Thoracic System
• Plastic
• Trauma and Emergencies
• Urology
• Neurosurgery
• Orthopedics
• Anesthesiology