Congratulation to our three 2013-2014 chief residents.  They all passed the Qualifying Examination giving us a pass rate, in the ABS, of 100% for the past seven years.

All three 2014-2015 graduating chief resident matched into fellowships.  Colorectal Surgery, Transplant Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

All three 2015-2016 chief residents have matched into fellowship two in Vascular Surgery and one in Transplant Surgery.

A new FES Curriculum has been added to the Goals and Objective.

We welcome the following new attendings to the department:

  • Urmen Desai, MD – ENT

  • Boris Paul, MD – Vascular Surgery

  • Sanjiv Gray, MD – General Surgery

  • Ryan Engdahl, MD – Plastic Surgery


Congratulation and Thanks to Dr. Ferdinand Ofodile for his service to the Department as Chief and Program Director for Plastic Surgery.  We wish him well on his retirement.

Congratulation to Dr. Norman Morrison for his new position as Chief and Program Director for the Plastic Surgery.


Welcome all new residents to the Residency Program