Outpatient Psychiatry


• Outpatient Psychiatry is a required PGY 3, 12-month rotation. An elective rotation in the PGY 4 year is available.
• The faculty of the Adult Mental Health Clinic (OPD) consists of attending psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers. Most faculty members are experienced in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Some full-time faculty members have been trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, family therapy, and/or family psycho-education.
• During their rotation, residents spend ten hours in educational instructions and supervisory activities. These activities include one hour weekly case conference on Mondays, team meetings on Tuesdays, supervision on high risk patients on Wednesdays, supervision of young adult cases or FIT Training for Co-Occurring disorders on Thursdays, psychiatry group supervision on Fridays. This is in addition to a full day of didactics on Thursdays.
• In addition, residents have a dedicated hour on Wednesdays to see their long-term and short-term psychotherapy cases and another hour on an alternate day to meet with their case supervisors arranged by the department.
• Three full days per week are fully immersed with adult patients conducting comprehensive psychiatric intake assessments, medication management follow up visits, documentation, treatment planning and caseload management.
• Child psychiatry outpatient experience takes place on one full day per week during which residents manage their child psychiatry casework and supervision.
• Diagnostic categories include organic mental disorder 6%, schizophrenia + other psychoses 24%, major depressions + bipolars + dysthymia 32%, anxiety disorders 6%, adjustment disorders 14%, substance abuse dependency (co-morbid) 25%,
• Residents receive at least 2 hours of supervision, one hour of which is individual.