Outpatient Geriatric Psychiatry

Site: Harlem Hospital Center, New York

  • This is a component of the Adult Mental Health Clinic. Until July 2009 this was an independently operating unit.
  • Outpatient geriatric psychiatry is a two-month rotation required for the residents in their PGY 4 year. Residents in their PGY 4 year may elect to do additional Geriatric Psychiatry.
  • Staffing includes: An attending geriatric psychiatrist, one rn, one psychologist, two social workers. (the attending has 10 years experience in internal medicine).
  • During the rotation, attention is paid to doing thorough geriatric evaluations. Particular attention is given to the patient’s medical and medications history. The supervising attending work with the residents on formulation of their cases, Axis I-IV diagnoses and a thorough differential diagnosis. Residents are also co-facilitators in groups. Treatment planning is multidisciplinary.
  • Readings, including book chapters and various articles, are distributed at the beginning of the residency period. The topics address: dementia, depression, psychosis, aging and psychotherapy. Each of these topics are discussed with the assigned attending. residents are also co-facilitators in groups (psycho educational, bereavement, social skills, self expression and medication)
  • Clinical team meetings once a week.
  • Residents have a series of educational video tapes available for review. Residents also do Community out reach by accompanying the attending and multidisciplinary treatment team on home visits.
  • Evaluations of newly referred patients, no less than two per week, diagnostic and therapeutic follow ups occur in psychiatric, medical, and social areas. Other aspects include contacts with family members, home attendants, and representatives of other involved agencies.
    • Use of various psychometric scales.
    • Evaluation and treatment of patients already involved in treatment are required.
    • Participation in group therapy is required.