Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

Site: Harlem Hospital Center, New York

  • Ward Consultation and Liaison (C&L) is a required one month rotation for PGY 2 and two months for PGY 4 Residents.
  • The staff of C&L consists of one full-time, board certified psychiatrist who is the chief of service. There are two half-time attendings, both of whom are board certified. During “off hours” C&L is covered by the CEPE Attending and during weekends C&L is covered by the on call Attending.
  • The residents do consults under the supervision of the C&L attending psychiatrist. Residents do psychiatric consults on patients from neurology, medicine, surgery, intensive care units, obstetrics/gynecology, rehabilitation medicine, and the adult emergency department (medical/surgical er). All consults are discussed with the attending psychiatrist. They have individual supervision with the attending psychiatrist.
  • C&L answers about 125 consultations per month. The residents see at least one or two consults per day. The majority of the patients at Harlem Hospital are African American and Africans, with a growing Hispanic patients population and a small Asian patient population.
  • The diagnoses include HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancers, cardiovascular accident, seizure disorders, substance abuse and dual diagnosis are common, as well as all psychopathologies; more commonly affective and psychotic disorders.