PGY 4 Curriculum

All PGY4 residents complete a Junior Attending rotation on an inpatient or outpatient psychiatry unit that lasts two months.  During this block, residents learn to lead teams, supervise junior residents and medical students, and manage the administrative aspects of leadership, as well as dispensing treatment with progressively less supervision.


ABPN: Preparing for the Boards and Maintenance of Certification
This course will focus on reviewing the structure of the ABPN Board Certification exam in psychiatry and neurology including vignettes. Residents will be oriented to the ABPN website and updated on the new Maintenance of Certification requirements.


Advanced Psychopharmacology
This course reviews advanced topics in psychopharmacology such as managing treatment resistance and use of third and fourth line agents, as well as management of more complex illnesses without clear treatment guidelines such as rapid cycling bipolar disorder.


Curriculum Vitae
This two session course will focus on key elements of writing a curriculum vitae. After the second session, residents will present their curriculum vitae for review and feedback.


Quality Improvement
The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program requires diplomates to develop quality improvement programs based on their clinical practice. The goal is for diplomates to reflect on their own performance and commit to a process of improvement and reevaluation that will ultimately lead to improved patient care.  In this course, residents participate in individualized QI projects based upon MOC guidelines in order build critical independent learning and QI skills.

Leadership and Management in Systems of Care
These are a series of lectures on the care of people with severe mental illness in the community. This series of lectures will focus on fiscal and administrative systems and on the role of the psychiatrist in these systems.


Leadership Series
These are a series of sessions for chief residents on leadership and management in the public mental health setting.


Private Practice
This course provides practical information on starting one's practice. Topics include: finding an office, setting a fee, record keeping, as well as treatment issues that relate specifically to private practice and managed care settings.


Teaching and Supervising Practicum
In this interactive course, residents learn the important elements in conducting supervision of psychotherapy, including establishing an alliance, listening to session material and determining how and when to intervene.
This course also covers clinical teaching across various settings: group didactics, workshops, and individual supervision.  Specific topics include goal setting, teaching techniques, assessing the learner, teaching in the clinical environment and getting and giving feedback