The residency training academic curriculum provides level specific instruction based on ACGME milestones and, is adapted annually to the needs of the residents as communicated through feedback mechanisms within the program.

Residents have protected time on all services to attend the didactic day, during which classes are scheduled at 10:30am – 5:00PM.  The weekly, level specific, psychotherapy education series takes place during the 10:30-11:45am time slot. Process groups occur at midday. During the afternoon, residents attend 2 didactic sessions onsite at Harlem Hospital. After these two classes, they attend weekly level specific didactics at NYSPI/Columbia University. The topics are listed in the curriculum on this website.

The formal listed curriculum topics listed here is supplemented by hours of weekly educational experiences such as rotation specific supervision meetings, educational sessions, journal clubs and case conferences.


Residents have the responsibility to prepare for each educational session, take notes during each educational session, and follow up on any assignments.

Medical Knowledge Initiative (MKI): As of January 2018, residents are provided the level specific self learning guide to independent study with recommended readings and sources.

Assessment: Residents are assessed monthly on their academic knowledge through practice examinations. Residents are assessed annually in the fall via the psychiatry in- training examination (PRITE).  Residents are expected to work with program director to make individualized improvement plans for the program year based on results of the PRITE.

Annual Clinical Skills Exam: All residents have 2 formal Clinical Skills Examinations annually, conducted by faculty throughout the department.