The intern is the primary care physician for his or her patients and is the interface between the patient, the family and the medical team. The year is one of intense clinical exposure and education. Increasing responsibility for patient care is assumed as the intern gains experience in an atmosphere of support and guidance. The in-depth exposure to a diverse range of clinical problems provides the ground work of clinical and technical knowledge which will, in the succeeding years of training lead to the development of an efficient, competent and humane physician.

Pediatric Inpatient floor: 3.5 months
Emergency Department: 3 months
General Pediatric Clinic: 1.5 months
Newborn Nursery: 1.5 months
NICU: 1.5 months

Community Pediatrics : 

0.5 months

Development and Behaivour: 

0.5 months
Continuity Clinic Weekly