Morning Report

Morning Report is conducted between 8:00AM and 9:00AM four days a week in the 13th floor conference room. This session involves junior and senior residents who were on call the previous day/night and a pre-assigned attending. Cases admitted during the last 24 hours are discussed and usually one case is presented for a more detailed discussion of an interesting clinical finding or a diagnostic/therapeutic challenge.

The first 15 minutes of Morning Report is used for “Harrison’s Club” which is a resident led slide presentation of a chapter from the Harrison’s Text Book of Internal Medicine.

Grand Rounds

Grand rounds are conducted at 8:00 AM in the 6th floor conference room for all residents and faculty. This conference usually features guest speakers presenting timely reviews of important clinical and research developments.

Journal Club

Journal Club is held at 11:30AM in the 13th floor Medicine Conference Room. This is presented by senior residents under the direct supervision of a pre-assigned attending. These sessions are geared towards teaching residents how to critically review the literature. Issues pertaining to study design and statistical analysis are discussed at length.

Journal club articles are distributed ahead of time to allow residents the opportunity to read the study before the presentation. This allows us to have an active discussion on the study being presented.

Morbidity and Mortality

Morbidity and Mortality Conferences are held at 8:00AM in the 6th floor conference room on the last Tuesday of every month. Mortalities from the previous month in the Department of Medicine are presented and the focus is on performance improvement and quality of care.

Clinical Case Conference

Clinical case conferences are weekly interactive conferences presented by residents under the direct supervision of one or more attendings of a recent interesting case. Cases presented usually represent diagnostic or therapeutic dilemma's or unusual medical conditions. Residents are encouraged to work directly with the attendings who were directly involved in the care of the patient.

Chief of Service

Chief of service rounds are an opprotunity for small groups of residents to discuss unique cases with various faculty from the CUMC campus. These conferences are held on a biweekly basis currently.


Residents are also encouraged to attend subspecialty conferences when on the respective electives or whenever their schedules permit this.