Resident Stress and Wellbeing

The Program Director is responsible for monitoring resident stress, including mental or emotional conditions inhibiting performance or learning, and drug-related or alcohol-related dysfunction. Both the Program Director and faculty are sensitive to the need for timely provision of confidential counseling and psychological support services to the residents. Situations that demand excessive service or that consistently produce undesirable stress on residents are evaluated and modified. Residents feeling fatigued or stressed are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Program Director or Associate Program Director.

  • Residents, faculty, technologists, and support staff are encouraged to speak freely and confidentially to the Program Director about problems or potential problems.
  • Residents are encouraged to come to the Residency Coordinator for advice or help.
  • Anonymous suggestions can be left for the Residency Program Director.
  • Meeting held by the Residency Advisory/Education Committee Members and Residents with minutes and follow-up as forum for announcements, suggestions and problem solving.
  • Resident evaluation sheets are completed at the conclusion of each rotation.
  • Resident evaluations where discussion of personal challenges that might benefit from support are encouraged.
  • New residents are given orientation discussions and brochures with support services.