Our Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of the Residency in Diagnostic Radiology is the provision of an excellent educational experience to all residents who enter the program leading to the development of, respect for, and knowledge of the principles of the multiple aspects of the radiological specialties including radiological physics and radiobiology. The program provides training in the six competencies espoused by the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education and should transform a resident into an attending physician whose mission will be to advance the specialty through life-long learning.

The vision of the Residency Program is to transform the physicians entering the program into physicians who will be committed to competent and compassionate patient care, integrity, professionalism, self-assessment and reflection, research, and the clinical needs of the communities we serve. This will be accomplished through an interactive relationship with an outstanding faculty who are committed to the provision of excellence in education, clinical care, and investigation.

Our goal is to create a community of learners who:

  • are committed to excellence in every aspect of their lives and educational experience
  • value the worth of every patient and provide care with respect and dignity
  • provide that care with a commitment to patient safety and quality
  • respect the value of teamwork and respect in the workplace.