From Our Medical Director

Harlem Hospital Center has a tradition of training the next generation of outstanding physicians. This history has placed graduating physicians in many areas of the world nationally and internationally where the healthcare needs are great. For over 120 years we have also delivered excellent medical care to the Harlem Community and are still positioned to continue this into the future. As one of the eleven acute care municipal hospitals, we have re-designed our care delivery systems to improve access and quality to the highest standards. This is supported by an extensive modernization program which brought our facilities and equipment up to date for our patients. Over the last few years we have recruited additional faculty for our residencies with great feedback from our residents about the outstanding teaching they are receiving here. With nine residencies and six fellowship programs we have a diverse group of residents in training. Upon completion they can expect to obtain great fellowships and entry level attending physician positions nationally.

Our Academic Affiliate Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) is our partner for this outstanding education. Many of our residents and fellows attend educational sessions at the CUMC campus and others do rotations at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. We are a major teaching facility for the Medical School. Our Academic Affairs office streamline all processes to allow for seamless rotations. This allows our faculty and residents to teach without having to do the administrative work related to the programs. Our residents are educated on how to teach and this program is supported by the Columbia University Medical Center academic leadership. Our faculty and residents are rated highly by the students and we have seen tremendous improvement in this area in the last few years. The dedication exhibited to training by our various program is outstanding. I encourage you to consider our programs and visit us if possible. We are located in the re-vitalized, Harlem Community, where the changing demographics and recent renaissance has seen tremendous positive changes around our Hospital Center. I welcome you to consider our programs for your training.


Maurice Wright, MD
Senior Associate Dean at Columbia University
Medical Director
Harlem Hospital Center