From Our Senior Vice President

The Residency Programs at Harlem Hospital Center have many strengths. Perhaps our most important strengths are the commitment of the faculty to graduate medical education, the collegiality and camaraderie between the faculty and residents, the opportunities to do research in a public health setting, and of course, the world-class attractions of New York City. Harlem Hospital Center has a successful tradition of training dentists, physicians, and surgeons. Our programs have remained competitive, meeting both the needs of our patients and the educational requirements of our Residents. The long line of scholars with whom we have shared the art and science of healing have well-respected practices across this country and throughout the world.

Our residency programs are a rigorous course of study with broad clinical training. We encourage you to embrace the habit of life long learning, critical analysis and a sense of your responsibility to contribute to medical knowledge. We also encourage our residents to practice the healthcare discipline of patient safety. Reporting, analyzing and preventing medical errors may be one of the most important professional disciplines that you can master. We believe this focus on patient safety will serve you and your patients well, both now and in the future.

Thank you for your interest in Harlem Hospital Center’s Residency Programs. We hope that we will have the opportunity to share this portion of your journey to becoming healers. We extend our sincere best wishes for your continued success.