Renal Journal Club

The Renal Journal Club is held once a week on Thursday afternoons at the 12th floor Conference Room. The renal fellows are primarily responsible for the journal club and is supervised by an assigned attending. This entails selecting an appropriate articles, researching the medical literature, and giving an in-depth summary and critique of the articles.

Physiology Conference

This conference is held twice a month on Monday mornings at the 12th floor Conference Room and is presented by one of the fellows in rotation with a supervising attending.

Case Conference

This conference is held twice a month and interesting cases on the consult service are discussed. This conference is arranged by the fellow and the attending on the consultation service. The fellow also chooses the case for case conferences and either presents the case or supervises the resident/student in his presentation.

Vascular Surgery

The members of the Renal Division, including the renal fellows, meet on Tuesday mornings with the Vascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology Services to discuss problems with patient access for peritoneal and hemodialysis as well as access surveillance data. In addition recent interventions and their outcomes are discussed.

Renal Pathology

The Renal Division attends the biweekly Renal Biopsy Conference on Thursday mornings at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons (P&S). At this conference, the relationships between morphology and clinical findings are examined in detail. When one of our cases is to be discussed, the fellow presents the case history and the discussion. The members of the Division also attend the annual course in Renal Pathology (Renal Biopsy in Medical Diseases of the Kidney) at P&S.

Renal Radiology

The Renal Division attends the Renal Radiology Conference Monthly. At this conference renal sonograms, renal CT scans, excretory urograms, and radionuclide studies are presented and discussed. This conference is conducted by the Department of Radiology.

Department of Medicine Conferences

The fellow is also responsible for supervising residents when they are presenting renal cases at the weekly Department of Medicine Clinical Case Conference. The fellow is expected to present at least one Renal Grand Rounds to the Department of Medicine. This presentation is usually done late in the second year and is a topic of the fellow's choosing.