Sustainability Update: Recycle Cooking Oil

Faculty Club Recycles Cooking Oil to Reduce Environmental Impact

February 6, 2013

CUMC’s Faculty Club, including the Bard Hall Student Meal Plan, is working to get even greener. The Faculty Club, under the direction of their manager, Michael Alberto, has begun to recycle their cooking oil with a company that will collect and repurpose it for Biodiesel.

The company collecting the cooking oil will be converting it into a carbon neutral alternative to petroleum biodiesel. The biodiesel produced from Faculty Club’s cooking oil can be used in any diesel equipment and has proven to reduce emissions by about 75% and is about 90% less toxic than petroleum diesel.

The Faculty Club is now contributing to not only making CUMC a more sustainable environment, but also to support a transition to a more sustainable society outside CUMC’s doors by helping to develop a steady environmentally friendly fuel stream.

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