Moving and Discarding Services

Moving Furniture

We regularly support departments in their cross-campus and inter-campus moves by providing furniture moving services on a chargeable basis. However, we don't move sensitive equipment like research equipment and computers, or any large, heavy equipment between buildings. Departments should make other arrangements for moving this type of equipment.

We will not unplug any computers from wall outlets, but we do move computer equipment if it is properly unplugged and packed.

We can also supply packing materials upon request.


A fee for disassembling or moving furniture will be charged based on an hourly rate. We also charge for packing materials.

External Movers and Exclusive Elevator Use

If you choose to use a commercial mover, you must let us know so we can arrange exclusive elevator service. We'll require a certificate of insurance if you use an outside vendor.

Please submit a service request and separately email your insurance documentation to at least two weeks before your scheduled move, so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

You'll need to provide:

  1. Copy of a certificate of insurance from an admitted insurance company (admitted means filed with and subject to the laws and regulation of the state they are admitted in)
  2. Confirmation of auto and general liability coverage with minimum liability limits of $2 million
  3. Confirmation of worker’s compensation coverage
  4. The certificate of insurance should also name the Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York as an additional insured.


A fee will be charged for exclusive elevator use. To secure an elevator, submit a work request as soon as possible before your move.

Discarding Services

We will discard furniture upon request.

If you want to discard computers or hard drives, be sure to take the appropriate measures to remove information before contacting us. For more information about how to securely remove data, contact CUMC IT at 212-305-HELP (4257), option 5, or

We can also provide dumpsters upon request.


We charge a fee for disassembling or moving furniture will based on an hourly rate. There is no charge for discarding furniture.

We provide dumpsters for projects on a chargeable basis, and large, four-wheel recycling bins at no cost.

Furniture Repair

We do not repair furniture.

Furniture Rental

Learn about furniture rental for informational tabling and events in our Event Support section.