25Live Event Scheduler

The web-based 25Live program lets you do the following:

  • View details and availability of campus classrooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms.
  • Search for rooms, events, and classes.
  • Request space for an event and track the progress of the request

Recommended Browsers: 25Live is most compatible with current versions of Firefox or Chrome web browsers and may run slowly in Internet Explorer. It has limited functionality on mobile devices.

How to Sign In

If you would simply like to view event and location information, you do not need to sign in to 25Live or have pre-approved access.

To see or use reservation options, you must already have attended a mandatory training session and have received pre-approved access.

How to Sign Out

To sign out of 25Live, please close all open instances of the web browser. You may remain signed in to 25Live if you do not. Please sign out if you are using a public computer.

Viewing Events, Dates, and Locations in 25Live

Anyone can view events scheduled in 25Live. For the current schedule, select the Calendar tab at the top right. To adjust the range of locations or dates, use the bar below the Calendar tab.

25Live homepage screenshot

Event and location names are highlighted in blue. Hovering your cursor over a name will bring up basic details for the event or location; you can also click directly on the name to view more information.

How to Make a Reservation

Pre-approved access is required to place reservation requests via 25Live. To obtain access, all CUIMC staff members that need to manage room requests for their departments must attend a one-hour training session.

Once you have completed the training, you will be able to see Event Reservation options and place requests after signing in to 25Live with your Columbia UNI and password.