Workplace Violence and the Protection of Minors

November 2017 Safety Topic

November 1, 2017

Workplace Violence

Columbia University Medical Center recognizes the impact that workplace violence can have on its employees, and as a result, maintains a zero-tolerance policy for acts and threats of violence of all kinds.

According to CUMC’s policy, workplace violence is any behavior that is violent, threatens violence, harasses or intimidates others, interferes with an individual’s right of movement or expression, or disrupts the workplace or academic environment.

Here are some examples:

  • Threatening behavior, such as shaking fists, destroying property or throwing objects.
  • Verbal or written threats, meaning any expression of an intent to inflict harm.
  • Harassment, including any behavior that demeans, embarrasses, humiliates, annoys, alarms, or verbally abuses a person and that is known or would be expected to be unwelcome. This includes words, gestures, intimidation, bullying, or other inappropriate activities.
  • Verbal abuse, such as wearing, insults or condescending language.
  • Physical attacks, such as hitting, shoving, pushing or kicking objects, punching walls, pounding desks, and slamming doors.

As a member of the CUMC community, you have an obligation to help maintain a safe work environment and comply with CUMC’s policies for workplace violence prevention and protection of minors as well as all other safety and security measures.

If there is an immediate threat or act of violence of any kind, call the Department of Public Safety at 212-305-7979 or 911. If the threat of violence is not immediate but might lead to a serious incident, please notify your supervisor, CU Human Resources at 212-305-3819 or a member of the Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance team.

The Protection of Minors

Although most students on the medical center campus or enrolled in its programs are 18 years old or older, there are frequently minors present on campus during the year, including as part of academic programs and activities, athletic programs, summer camps, medical clinics and practices, and affiliated childcare centers. CUMC has a legal and moral obligation to protect minors.

Any member of the Columbia University community may report a concern if they suspect that a child has been abused or maltreated. If an employee suspects that a minor participating in a University program is in immediate danger, the employee or volunteer should call the Department of Public Safety at 212-305-7979 or call 911 immediately.