September 2017 Safety Topic: Genie Lifts

September 1, 2017
A Genie lift allows individuals to reach heights.
Genie lift image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

CUMC employees perform many tasks that require the use of a Genie Lift. A Genie Lift is a type of aerial lift that is primarily used to access light fixtures and for other aboveground job tasks. Probable causes of injuries while utilizing this equipment at CUMC are falls, collapses, or tip-overs.

OSHA lists several safe work practices that employees can implement while operating a Genie Lift. Facilities Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance provides basic safety training on Genie Lifts for those who have a task that may require the use of one.

When operating a Genie Lift, keep these tips in mind:

  • Never override hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical safety devices.
  • Never move the equipment when workers are on the elevated platform.
  • Do not position yourself between overhead hazards, such as joists and beams, and the rails of the basket.
  • Use a body harness or restraining belt with a lanyard attached to the boom or basket to prevent from being ejected or pulled from the basket.
  • Set the brakes and use wheel chocks when on an incline.
  • Do not exceed the load limits of the equipment. Allow for the combined weight of you, your tools, and materials.

For more information or questions about Genie Lift operation, please speak with your Supervisor or contact a member of the Facilities Compliance team.