Sustainability Update: Improved Recycling Performance

CUMC Continues to Grow Its Recycling Rate

February 6, 2013

CUMC initiated a recycling campaign back in January of 2008. In the four years since inception recycling rates across the research campus have gone from a 1% average recycling rate across the campus to a 21% recycling rate at the conclusion of 2012.

The medical center’s primary recycling efforts included in these numbers cover comingled bottles and cans, as well as mixed paper and cardboard. In 2012, our research buildings diverted 375 tons of materials from landfills. Once CUMC’s recycling is collected it goes to a depot facility located in Bronx, NY for additional sorting and then sold to facilities for additional recycling, at least 20% of which is recycled domestically. Not only is this material diverted from landfills, it will also reduce the vast amounts of energy expended and greenhouse gases emitted to mine and refine new raw materials. CUMC’s centralized approach to recycling across the research buildings, as well, reduces the amount of energy needed to get the materials to the post-consumer recycling center, as well.

While we have made great strides across the campus, there is still room for improvement, especially in our older buildings, which include Black, P&S, ARB and Hammer. CUMC Facilities is happy to assist in providing department training on recycling practices, as well as providing bins, if they are needed. We hope students, faculty, and staff will work with us to continue to grow these recycling rates.

CUMC also recycles a number of other more regulated items with its Environmental Health and Safety Department, including, but not limited to, batteries, toner cartridges, electronics, and light bulbs. A list of links on where recycling information across the campus are below.


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