Sustainability Update: Green Building Plans for Tenants

Facilities Will Help Tenants Build a Green Building Plan for their Space

February 6, 2013

As CUMC continues to grow and evolve, it is important that we also continue to operate in a sustainable fashion. In this vein, CUMC Facilities has developed a green building plan that can be tailored to spaces, departments and buildings interested in pursuing it. It is structured in a way to parallel LEED efforts should the building or space decide to take the extra step to also pursue LEED for Existing Buildings.

The primary categories for green building development from an occupant perspective involve keeping a conscious eye on the materials entering the space both day-to-day items like food or office supplies, but also long-term use goods such as electronics and furniture. It also involves a watchful eye on those materials exiting the space via trash, recycling, upcycling and reuse.

From a consumption perspective, while much of the infrastructure is built and maintained by CUMC Facilities, occupants can help to green the building by being conscious of their energy consumption, as well as water use. The green building plan includes an occupant awareness plan for how to help reduce that consumption. It also encourages tenant site management via alternative commuting and reducing light pollution at night, as well as participation in maintaining the occupant health and productivity of a space.

Should a space or building be interested in actively greening their building, they can submit an email to The Energy and Sustainability Department will work with the interested parties to develop a catered plan that works with their space, be it office or laboratory, and provide trainings, reminders and signage to help encourage sustainability across the area.

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