Morton A. Kreitchman PET Imaging Center

The Morton A. Kreitchman PET Imaging Center in the Allan Rosenfield Building uses positron emission tomography, a powerful, non-invasive, diagnostic tool that detects biochemical changes in body tissues. Before MRI and CT scans can detect changes, PET can identify early biochemical markers of disease. PET helps physicians improve the accuracy of a diagnosis, create an individualized treatment plan, and closely monitor a patient's progress. The Kreitchman PET Center offers clinical care in oncology, neurology, and cardiology.

Project Location: Allan Rosenfield Building

Client: Department of Radiology

Project Program: The complete demolition of the lower two levels of the Allan Rosenfeld Building, transforming administrative and laboratory space into a neurological imaging facility funded by a New York State Office of Science, Technology, and Academic Research grant.

Project Scope: A new state-of-the-art clinical and research imaging facility with four PET/CT scanners. The project included two Siemens Cyclotrons for research imaging protocols and 8,000-square-foot research laboratories. The renovation added pneumatic tubes for distribution of radioactive pharmaceutical doses.

Project Area: 27,000 square feet

Special Features and Highlights

  • Three PET/CT scanners
  • Class 10,000 long-lived isotope lab
  • Cyclotron suite
  • Class 10,000 radiochemistry lab

Architect: Stonehill & Taylor

MEP Engineer: AKF Engineers

Commissioning Agent: Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP

Contractor: JA Jennings, Inc.

Year Completed: 2007

Project Team

  • Farid Cardozo

    Group PMX

  • Nick Haralambidis

    Group PMX