Warm temperatures in buildings due to unseasonably warm weather

January 12, 2018

Due to the unseasonably warm weather forecasted over the next week or so, occupants throughout our buildings may experience unusually warm temperatures in their spaces. Unfortunately, we are unable to make accommodations for this weather given the complexity of our HVAC systems. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Before you leave each day, help us prepare for low temperatures overnight:

  • Close all windows to help prevent frozen pipes. If you cannot fully close your window, or you have a window A/C unit, please call CUMC Facilities Management at 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3, for support. If you are in a residential space, please call the Office of Housing Services at 212-305-HELP (4357), option 2.
  • Before you leave each day, close and lock all windows and doors, and close blinds and curtains, especially in spaces that are not normally occupied. Leaving windows open in “forgotten” spaces wastes energy and can lead to damage to work areas, including floods, due to the increased wind speeds and below freezing temperatures.
  • Turn off computers, lights, and other equipment. Move electrical or valuable items off the floor and away from windows.
  • If your lab or experiments depend on electricity, make sure critical equipment is plugged into outlets that are backed up by emergency power. If you are not sure which outlets are on emergency power, contact Facilities Management at 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3.
  • Make sure all faucets are off.
  • Report unsafe conditions, such as building floods, or flying debris from nearby buildings and/or construction sites to CUMC Facilities Management immediately at 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3. After-hours, call Public Safety at 212-305-8100.