Hammer Bldg.: Freight Elevator/Loading Dock Upgrades, July 8 through Sept. 9

From Monday, July 8, through Monday, September 9, freight elevator and loading dock located in Hammer Health Sciences Center will be temporarily unavailable due to upgrades.

The following service changes will be in effect in Hammer throughout the summer:

  • We will designate one (1) elevator in each elevator bank (high-rise, low-rise, and lower level) as a temporary freight elevator. Signage will be placed on each floor indicating which elevator car is for freight service. 
  • We will reroute all building deliveries and material removal through the building’s main entrance. To ensure sufficient access through the main lobby, we will replace the west revolving door with a temporary wooden access door. 
  • While the temporarily access door is in place, please use the east revolving door or automatic sliding door to enter and exit the building.

Individuals in Hammer may notice heavy volume in the main lobby throughout the summer.  For questions or concerns about this upcoming work, please contact John Kakleas, senior project engineer, at jk3796@cumc.columbia.edu


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