Facilities Management is pleased to announce the release of our new website

Facilities Management is pleased to announce the release of our new website. The site has been redesigned with a fresh, new, user-friendly interface and has been updated with information about our latest projects and ways to access services. Additionally, our new site will provide support and information to answer our customer's most common questions.

The current facilities webpage and several of its main navigation pages were due for an upgrade in design, functionality and, most importantly, web technology.

Facilities, in partnership with CUMC Web design, worked for a year to develop the new site.

Websites for large facilities departments within a university always present a challenge given the extraordinary diversity of its users—from the youngest prospective students looking for housing to its faculty and staff requesting services, as well as users employing different web browsers and hardware, including assistive reading technology.

While there are many familiar elements, the new homepage contains a number of aesthetic, organizational, and technological improvements:

• Several of the existing second-level pages have undergone more fundamental renovations. “Services”, “Housing”, “Construction”, “Energy”, “Compliance”, and “Parking” reflect an entirely new template with a mix of information and new search functions that add value to the user experience for a diversity of internal and external visitors.

• The cleaner, less cluttered design reflects the University's identity guidelines.

• Social media tools were added and will now be used to alert the CUMC community of service changes.

• Directories are more complete and better organized with a feedback/update mechanism.

For the present, we hope you find the revised CUMC Facilities website a helpful step forward.

Amador Centeno

Vice President Facilities