CUIMC Event Policy

Columbia University Irving Medical Center follows New York State requirements for the size of permitted indoor and outdoor events and gatherings. Events and gatherings, defined as any non-credit bearing academic classes, must adhere to both the Columbia Community Health Compact and CUIMC Space and Facilities Guidelines (updated Dec. 7, 2020). 

As of November 25, 2020, the University has reduced the size of all non-academic gatherings to 10 or fewer. 

This policy applies to all classrooms and conference/meeting rooms located within departments, units and schools managed individually. Departments, units and schools may choose to have more restrictive policies than those described here.

Policy Highlights

  • For indoor and outdoor non-academic gatherings, participants should be limited to no more than 10 individuals; overall, we discourage any indoor gatherings at this time.
  • Event participation is restricted to current Columbia University and NewYork-Presbyterian affiliates only. 
  • Campus event spaces may not be reserved by or rented to external organizations.
  • Schools or units must require advanced registration, and registration lists must be maintained by schools or units after events have taken place.
  • For classrooms managed by Classroom Management, registration lists must be sent to classroom scheduling no less than 48 hours in advance of the event to receive confirmation that a space is reserved.
  • Schools or units hosting events will automatically incur an additional custodial services charge to cover enhanced disinfection services, as per the CUIMC Space and Facilities Guidelines.
  • Event organizers should consider limiting the duration of their events and gatherings taking place indoors to allow for disinfection services and to ensure proper spacing between other events.
  • No food and beverages are allowed in any classrooms and event spaces managed by Classroom Management.
  • For any event or gathering requiring food and beverages, event organizers must contact The Faculty Club for guidance on hosting an event with food and beverages safely, and in accordance with this policy.
    • We strong discourage food or beverages for indoor events.
    • If event organizers choose to serve food or beverages, both must be packaged for individual use (e.g. box lunches) and distribution must be planned to enable physical distance at all times. 
    • Additionally, event organizers must ensure attendees are able to maintain sufficient distance throughout and avoid facing each other while removing their face coverings to eat or drink. 
    • If attendees bring their own food or beverages, event organizers must ensure those eating or drinking are able to avoid facing others while their face coverings are removed, if unable to maintain physical distancing. 
  • Event organizers are responsible for ensuring any event planning takes account the Compact provisions and that event attendees adhere fully to the Compact’s face covering and physical distance requirements.
  • Student organizations must work with their advisers to ensure adherence to all other event policies.  Faculty and staff should consult with the point-person for events in their school or unit.
  • For Columbia University sponsored events held off campus, all of the above requirements apply.

Outdoor Spaces

  • Where possible, events and gatherings may be held outdoors or in large, well-ventilated spaces on campus.
  • To reduce the risk of community spread while enjoying the outdoors, events and gatherings must comply with the Columbia Community Health Compact.
  • As part of the NYC Department of Transportation’s (DOT) neighborhood plaza program, Haven Plaza events must adhere to NYS guidelines for gathering sizes, NYC Parks Department regulations, as well as NYC plaza program guidelines, in addition to this policy.  Adjustments may be made to events and gatherings based on unique needs and circumstances.
  • Outdoor furniture must not be rearranged or moved from their locations.