On-Campus Housing Resources

As the medical center continues to adjust to operational changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Housing Services is fully prepared and equipped to meet your on-campus housing needs. 

We will continue to post any on-campus housing updates here as further changes unfold. For questions, contact the Office of Housing Services at cumc.housing@columbia.edu.

View our COVID-19 Housing FAQs

Living On Campus

General Housing Updates

The Office of Housing Services is open for the summer as well as the upcoming academic year. In an effort to ensure physical distancing within our apartments, we created the following student-to-bathroom ratio:

  • Studio/Single Apartments 1:1 bed/bathroom
  • Two-Bedroom Apartments 2:1 bed/bathroom
  • Three-Bedroom Apartments 3:1 bed/bathroom
  • Four-Bedroom Apartments 2:1 bed/bathroom

We encourage our residents to increase the frequency of cleaning their apartments, including any common area spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

Additionally, we are prepared to support the needs of any residents who may become ill by providing separate quarantine accommodations.

Move-In Updates

New move-in guidelines will be sent to students moving onto campus in July.

  • To ensure proper physical distancing, a limited number of students will be able to move-in on each day throughout the month of August. 
  • Students may begin signing up for appointments in July. 

Guest Policy Updates

Residents will only be able to host up to two guests for no more than five consecutive nights within a 30-day period. Please refer to the guest policy to review it in its entirety.  

Residential Buildings Updates

Building Entries and Lobbies

  • All students and guests are required to wear a face covering when entering all CUIMC buildings, including each residential building. Face coverings are available at each front desk if you forget your own. 
  • Residents and guests are encouraged to utilize discretion when using the elevators if they are at full capacity. Please allow extra time to use the elevators if you need to wait for the next available elevator with less people. If you are able to use the stairs, please do so.  
  • Door attendants and public safety officers are available at each of our residential buildings, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need assistance, please maintain an appropriate physical distance from the staff. Floor markings have been placed on the floor to indicate where to stand while you receive service. 

Custodial Service Enhancements

Using best practices and industry standards, our custodial team is enhancing its routine cleaning services to allow for increased frequency and additional cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch point areas.

  • The Office of Housing Services installed hand sanitizer dispensers in all lobbies and security desks.
  • Dedicated custodial staff members are assigned to focus on increased frequencies of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch points within public spaces.
  • Custodial staff members have increased the patrolling and maintenance of public restrooms to ensure soap dispensers are full to support frequent hand washing and facilities are regularly disinfected.
  • Custodial staff also will ensure sanitary facilities remain operational and stocked at all times and provide additional soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer when needed.

Additionally, Office of Housing Services custodial managers are working with Environmental Health & Health and using other industry standards to review custodial operations. Some staff modifications include:

  • Staggering shift times and breaks to accommodate proper physical distancing requirements
  • Increasing staff training on enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures
  • Providing additional times for custodians to clean their hands on the job

Lounge Access

Common area lounges throughout our residential buildings will remain closed for the Fall 2020 semester.  

Mailroom and Deliveries

Residents who retrieve their mail from the Office of Housing Services/Bard Hall can pick up their mail a modified schedule:

  • New hours for mail pick-up: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

While the mailroom continues to be open for business, mailroom staff will be practicing physical distancing:

  • One mail clerk will be available in the office to assist individuals.
  • When arriving to the mailroom, please knock on the door to announce yourself and stand behind the yellow line while corresponding with the staff / picking up your package(s).
    • Hand sanitizer is available at the office for your use.
  • We encourage individuals to regularly retrieve their mail and consider switching their paper mail to electronic mail wherever possible.

Maintenance Requests

Residents are encouraged to submit their work orders online if a maintenance concern needs our attention.

  • Our mechanics will be wearing proper PPE (face covering, gloves, and/or face shields and shoe coverings) when they enter your apartment/bedroom.
  • Work orders will continue to be completed in approximately 24 to 48 hours after being submitting.