​Bard Hall

Bard Hall is the perfect place to make connections and find your rhythm at Columbia University Medical Center. This 11-story building features dormitory-style rooms with communal bathrooms, a green courtyard with benches, and a terrace with extraordinary views of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. Take advantage of the athletic facility downstairs, various student lounges, and the student meal plan served in the ballroom several times a week. Bard Hall is minutes from CUMC's classrooms, library, and campus bookstore and café.


  • Average room size: 10'x12'
  • Furnishings
    • Extra-long twin bed
    • Desk with overhead hutch and desk chair
    • Five-drawer dresser
    • Most rooms: pedestal sink, medicine cabinet, and towel bar
  • Overhead lighting
  • Windows with shades

Building Features and Amenities

  • Gender-specific floors: The fourth and ninth floors of Bard Hall are women only; the seventh floor is men only. All other floors and facilities are co-ed.
  • Bathrooms: Communal toilets and showers on each floor
  • Kitchen: One communal kitchen on the 11th floor equipped with stoves, refrigerators, sinks, microwaves, and a beverage vending machine
  • Elevator service
  • Laundry: Card-operated washers and dryers on the second floor
  • 24-hour security
  • Mailboxes and package delivery: Packages can be picked up at the Bard Hall Mailroom, Room 109, open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • Student lounges: The main lounge on the first floor and the Hudson River view lounge are both available for students to study. The Hudson Riverview lounge is a quiet study room.
  • Student meal plan: Meals are served in the Bard Hall Ballroom in the basement. See the Faculty Club for more information.

Sample Floorplan


  • Included in rent: Electricity, heat, hot and cold water. Wireless internet is provided by CUMC IT.
  • Not included: Phone and cable.
  • Air conditioning: Bard Hall does not have central air. We do not rent or provide air conditioners, but you can bring your own, though it must be installed by the Office of Housing Services. Air conditioners should not exceed 5,000 BTUs and cannot be more than 15" high or 27" wide. There is a $25 installation charge and $20 removal charge. Air conditioner installation and removal forms are available at the Office of Housing Services.

Smoke-Free Policy

Smoking is prohibited on all CUMC property, both indoors and outdoors. This policy extends to all CUMC residential facilities, including all apartments; public spaces such as lobbies, hallways, and stairwells; building entrances; adjacent courtyards; garages; and rooftops.

If you or anyone in your apartment is found smoking, everyone who lives in the apartment will receive a $250 fine for each occurrence. Learn more at Smoke-Free at CUMC.

Building Contact

Resident Advisor

Jennifer Fong
College of Dental Medicine

For Current Tenants

We provide in-house maintenance support and can direct you to your utility providers as well.

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