Faculty Housing

If you're a full-time faculty member, the Office of Housing Services can help you find on-campus housing, typically on Columbia University's Morningside campus. We can also help you navigate the Faculty Housing Assistance programs that support off-campus living.

Eligibility for Columbia University Housing

You must have a full-time appointment in the tenure track “at the track” or the suffixed track. Prefix track clinical faculty are not eligible for housing. Eligible categories are: assistant professor, associate professor, and professor.

Recruits from outside of the New York area will have priority for faculty housing.

Faculty Housing Assistance Programs

The Provost's Faculty Housing Assistance programs provide funds to help eligible faculty purchase or rent an apartment or home in the area. For more information on these programs, download these fact sheets:


Can a faculty member receive both Columbia University housing and assistance from one of the Housing Assistance programs?

With the approval of your department chair and the dean’s office, eligible faculty members can apply to either Columbia University housing or one of the Housing Assistance programs. You cannot receive both. If you refuse appropriate Columbia University housing, you will not be eligible to apply for one of the Housing Assistance programs.

How should commitments about housing be stated in recruitment or offer letters?

No guarantee of Columbia housing or of the housing supplement should be made to any recruit either verbally or in an offer letter. Columbia housing is offered on an "as available basis," and the housing supplement is offered upon prior approval by the department chair and the dean’s office.

What approvals are required to nominate a faculty member for eligibility for housing or for one of the Housing Assistance Programs?

All forms for housing can be obtained from the director of Housing.

For on-campus faculty housing, the completed form must be accompanied by a supporting letter written and signed by the department chair. The letter must include the faculty member’s exact Columbia University title and a statement that the department will pay for any ancillary charges associated with this person receiving Columbia University housing.

Send completed forms and letters to the Director of Housing, who will then get final approvals from the office of the senior vice dean of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

How much will a faculty member receive for the income supplement?

Review the income supplement policy (.pdf) for more information. Note that payments are subject to withholding taxes but will not be considered in the calculation of University retirement contributions or other University benefits. Payments will cease if you no longer have a full-time affiliation with the University.

Instead of faculty housing or the housing supplement, can I give my new recruit additional compensation to be used for outside housing?

Yes, you may add additional compensation to a new recruit's salary for any length of time that you wish, but you cannot call it a housing supplement. The new faculty member may use it in any manner that he or she feels fit. As additional compensation, it will be subject to both fringe and pension.

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