Apartment Share Vacancies

Apartment shares are unfurnished apartments located in Towers 1, 2, and 3 and are a great way to develop connections at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. You can join a share through the Bard to Towers Lottery or when there is a vacancy in an apartment.

Current Tenants

Before filling a vacancy in an apartment share, make sure you are eligible by reviewing the obligations of a joint and several lease.

Attention: Graduating Students

If all the current tenants in an apartment share or the second and final leaseholder is graduating, the group cannot invite in a new roommate. After graduation, the apartment will return to the Office of Housing Services.

Selecting a New Roommate

When a student decides to vacate an apartment share, the remaining tenants have a limited time to select a new roommate of any gender.

  • September-April: If, after 30 days, the remaining tenants have not found a roommate after an apartment share is vacated, the Office of Housing Services has the right to place a student in the room.
  • May-August: If, after 14 days, the remaining tenants have not found a roommate, the Office Of Housing Services has the right to place a student in the room.

Once you've selected your new roommate, complete and submit an Apartment Share Vacancy Application. You will receive an email confirming the status of your application; we will also notify your new tenant of the wait time to have the room cleaned and checked, and how to set up a lease-signing appointment.

Guidelines for the Vacancy

  • All items belonging to the vacating tenant must be removed from the room and apartment. Any items left behind will be considered abandoned property and will be discarded. A fee will be deducted from the security deposit of the vacating tenant.
  • All vacant rooms are cleaned and painted according to the University’s specifications. The vacating tenant will be charged for any unauthorized painting.
  • Passing on apartment keys to a prospective new tenant or anyone else is prohibited.
  • If you provide access to any vacant room independently of the Office of Housing Services, the prospective new tenant's lease will be immediately canceled. This could also lead to the revocation of your current lease.

Prospective Tenants

Interested in an Apartment Share Vacancy?

These units are two- and three-bedroom unfurnished apartments that have been modified to accommodate two and three students. The list is only available when vacancies occur in these types of units. Drop by the Office of Housing Services to see if a list of vacancies is available, or request it by emailing cumc.housing@columbia.edu. Make sure you ask the occupants of the apartment share their leaseholder status before you agree to move in. Learn more about the joint and several lease signed by apartment share residents.

    New Tenants: What to Expect

    After the previous tenant vacates the room, we will clean and paint the room as needed according to University specifications. The bedroom will be provided unfurnished. Once the room is ready, you will receive an email so we can schedule your lease-signing and move-in. Lease-signing and move-in may be 30-45 days from the vacancy date of the previous tenant. 

    Lease signing is done in person and by appointment at the Office of Housing Services. Make sure to schedule your appointment at least 3 business days prior to the day you wish to move-in. Review our leases and contracts. Once you have signed your lease, you will receive your keys. You will be billed for your room from the day you pick up your keys. Rent is pro-rated based on this date.

    Please note, gaining access to or occupying any vacant room or receiving keys independently of the Office of Housing Services will cancel your lease.