Living Off-Campus

If you're a full-time student or full-time postdoctoral research fellow who has requested on-campus housing, our goal is to provide it. If we can't accommodate you, or if you choose to live off-campus, we have off-campus housing listings that include rooms and apartments available for rent in non-Columbia University-owned properties. These listings also include information on brokers who can help you in your search. For our latest listing, email or RocĂ­o Calixto, our leasing agent, at

You can also search for apartments, rooms, and roommates through Columbia's Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA) office. If you have not been assigned your UNI (University Network ID) yet, don't worry. You don't need to have a UNI to search; simply sign in as a guest. If you have questions about OCHA, email or call 212-854-2773.

When deciding on off-campus housing, consider your options for getting to and around campus.