Composting Program

When you compost, you help keep organics out of landfills. Since late 2017, residents in 154 Haven and 390 Ft. Washington have been able to participate in our pilot composting program. This is the first step toward fulfilling our vision to introduce composting to all the CUIMC residential buildings. This pilot program is sponsored by the CUIMC Office of Housing Services and the New York Department of Sanitation.

How to Compost

As part of our roll-out plan, residents will be given one composting bin per apartment to collect organic waste throughout the week and deposit it in their building's central designated bins. When you move out of your residence, please leave this bin in your kitchen so the next resident can continue to compost regularly.

Composting Guidelines

What to Compost:

  • Food: vegetables and fruit; prepared foods; baked goods; cereal, flour, grains, pasta, and rice; eggs and eggshells; dairy products; meat, fish, bones and nuts
  • Food-soiled paper: paper towels and napkins, paper plates, coffee filters and tea bags, paper bags, paper trays
  • Leaf and yard waste: leaves, grass clippings, garden trimmings, and plants

Do Not Compost the Following:

  • Liquids (a small quantity is acceptable)
  • Recyclables, such as metal, glass, rigid plastic, cartons, clean paper, and cardboard
  • Trash, such as plastic shopping bags and plastic wrap, or bathroom and medical waste

Where to Compost

154 Haven Ave.: Bring your bin down to the basement and empty it, including the liner, into the large, central composting bin.

390 Ft. Washington Ave.: Bring your bin down to the basement and empty it, including the liner, into the large, central composting bin.

Additional Liner Bags: You can pick up a new liner bag for your bin from the dispenser at your designated compost area. Please do not use plastic bags in your compost bin. The liner bags we provide are compostable, but plastic bags are not. Need more liner bags? Please contact

I don't live in either of these buildings, but I still want to compost. What can I do?

If you do not live in these residences, please consider composting on Tuesdays at the Fort Washington Greenmarket, located on Fort Washington Ave. between 168th and 169th Sts. and open during spring, summer, and fall months. If you live off-campus, your building may also be eligible for the city's organics collection program.