Facilities and Equipment

Swimming pool at Bard Athletic Center

In the mood for a quick dip in our swimming pool? Want to blow off a little steam by enjoying a friendly game of basketball in our gymnasium? Bard Athletic Center has your fitness needs covered with our facilities and equipment.

What we offer:

A Note About Temporary Closures

Occasionally, and especially during the month of July, some of our spaces may be unavailable as we conduct maintenance or address urgent issues. Check our Open Hours for updates about temporary closures.

Locker Rooms, Restrooms, and Sauna (Basement L3)

We provide free daily lockers for use with your personal lock, as well as rental lockers. Learn more about locker rental rates on our membership page. We don't provide daily locks.

Locker rooms can be entered through Basement Level 3 and serve as a passage to both the main pool area and the balcony overlooking the pool.

Locker rooms include:

  • Bathroom stalls
  • Showers
  • Sauna
  • Lockers
  • Hair dryers (women's locker room only)
  • Bathing suit dryers
  • Weight scales

We also provide accessible restrooms, showers, changing benches, and lockers. If you have questions about accessible features, call 212-304-7010.

Cardio Room (Basement L2)

Located on Basement Level 2, our cardio room offers Precor treadmills, ellipticals, and advanced motion trainers, as well as Expresso interactive cycles and Keiser spin cycles.

Precor offers a suite of product tutorial videos that can help get you started on our equipment.

Cardio equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Remember to be considerate of other guests when using the equipment. If others are waiting to use a machine, please limit your use to 45 minutes as a courtesy.

Aerobics Room (Basement L3)

Our aerobics room offers a range of equipment for your workouts:

  • Hand-held weights (1-15 lbs.): Learn a range of exercises for hand-held weights in this eHow Fitness video.
  • Medicine balls: Get going with medicine ball exercises from this blog post, written by a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer.
  • Exercise balls: Learn how to pick the right medicine ball and try out basic exercises via WikiHow.
  • Stepping steps: Can you keep up with this STEP class?
  • Mats and exercise rollers: Learn 10 ways to use a foam roller.
  • Keiser spin cycles: The spin cycles located in the aerobics room are for spin classes only. Watch this video on how to use a spin cycle.

Non-marking sneakers should used throughout the fitness center on all wooden floors, including the aerobics room.

During Quiet Time, the aerobics room is available for yoga, pilates, meditation, floor exercises, and other exercises. We ask that you use earbuds for music and refrain from using laptops or personal speakers to play music.

The aerobics room occasionally closes during the week to allow fitness classes to take place.

Free Weight Room (Basement L3)

Exercise room at Bard Athletics Center

Located at the far end of Basement Level 3, our free weight room offers a broad selection of free weights to target different muscle groups:

Strength Training Room (Basement L3)

Weight room at Bard Athletics Center

The strength training room includes the following machines, in addition to a water refill station. Precor offers a series of product tutorial videos that can help get you started on our equipment.

  • Glute extension
  • Seated leg curl
  • Leg extension
  • Leg press
  • Inner/outer thigh
  • Pull up/dip
  • Bicep/curl/triceps extension
  • Rear delt/pec fly
  • Pull down/seated row
  • Multi press
  • Lateral raise
  • Seated preacher curl bench
  • Rotary torso
  • Abdominal back extension

Pool (Basement L3)

Our 15-yard, five-lane swimming pool is reached via the locker rooms and has an accessible electric lift. See the pool's open hours schedule.

To use the pool, you must wear a bathing suit. A swim cap and goggles are highly recommended. You are welcome to use our pull buoys and kickboards.

If someone else is waiting to use the pool, please limit your time to 30 minutes as a courtesy to your fellow swimmers.

The pool is staffed by a certified lifeguard, equipped with a first aid kit, ring buoy, torpedo buoy, and spine board.


Basketball Court (Basement L3)

Our basketball court is open during most of our regular hours. We provide basketballs for your use.

The basketball court is unavailable for free play at these times:

  • BAC/P&S Club basketball tournament: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-10 p.m.
  • Badminton: Mondays, 7-10 p.m.

Non-marking sneakers should be used throughout the fitness center on all wooden floors, including the basketball court.

Squash Court (Basement L3)

The squash court is open during our normal operating hours. We provide rackets if necessary, but we do not provide squash balls or goggles. You can purchase squash balls from the Office of Housing Services.

You can reserve the squash court for time slots after 4:30 p.m. every day except Saturday. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance, either in person or by calling 212-304-7010. Provide your member name and BAC number when making a reservation.

Non-marking sneakers should be used throughout the fitness center on all wooden floors, including the squash court.