About Us

Facilities Management and Campus Services delivers the safest, highest-quality environments and services so Columbia University Irving Medical Center's faculty, researchers, students, and clinicians can do their best work. Through innovation, value, communication, and quality, we aim to provide you with service excellence.

With more than 300 employees, including members of four unions, we are CUIMC's largest administrative unit. We oversee the daily operations and maintenance of more than 3.6 million gross square feet of research, teaching, clinical, and residential space. Each day, we work to foster a comfortable, safe, and efficient campus. How are we doing? Let us know.

Need help contacting us? If you're not sure whom to contact for assistance, please call the Customer Service Center at 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3, or email cumc.facilities@columbia.edu for guidance. You can also search the University directory.

Meet Our Teams

Augustus C. Long Health Science Library

The Augustus C. Long Health Science Library is located in the Hammer Building at 701 W. 168th St. For more information, see the library website.

Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance oversees fire safety procedures, programs, training, and equipment; emergency response and evacuation procedures and preparedness; and safety functions and accessibility requirements. Meet the Campus Life Safety team.

Capital Project Management

Capital Project Management coordinates all activities related to the development of capital projects involving campus groups, buildings, architects, engineers, and related professional services; and various construction contractors and subcontractors. Meet the Capital Projects team.

Facilities (Operations and Engineering)

Operations oversees custodial services, material management, CUIMC parking operations, the mailroom, moving services, and waste disposal. Meet the Facilities Operations team.

Engineering provides continuous engineering support for CUIMC's building systems and utilities infrastructure. We oversee proactive improvements via capital infrastructure projects and all commissioning for engineering and capital projects, ensuring that our work passes rigorous quality assurance testing. Engineering also oversees CUIMC's Energy and Sustainability initiatives. Meet the Facilities Engineering team.

Faculty Club

The Faculty Club provides a daily buffet lunch in a friendly, relaxing environment, runs the student meal plan, and provides catering and event planning. Learn more about dining options.

Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration provides finance, information technology, and human resources services for Facilities Management and Campus Services, as well as CUIMC parking communications and billing. Meet the Finance team.

Office of Housing Services

The Office of Housing Services oversees seven residential buildings with more than 1,300 students, faculty, and post-doctoral residents. Meet the Housing team.

Public Safety

Public Safety preserves the safety and security of our campus. To reach us, call 212-305-8100 or see the Public Safety website. In an emergency, call 212-305-7979.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications oversees our strategic communications and marketing and increases the visibility of our activities. The team also oversees customer-centric initiatives, including the Customer Service Center. Meet the Strategic Communications and Customer Service Center team.

Student Health Service

Student Health Service is the primary health and wellness resource for CUIMC students. Our clinical staff consists of physicians, a nurse practitioner, nurses, medical assistants, psychiatrists, psychologists, and health educators. Visit the Student Health Service website.