Research Fellows from Dr Kazuhiko Yamada's lab receive Two Congress Awards

From ATC 2019 and IXA 2019

Dr. Yuichi Ariyoshi,  MD, PhD, was awarded a Young Investigator Travel Award at this years, American Transplant Congress (ATC) in Boston, MA for his presentation, "Newly-Revealed Antibody Targets Lead to the Early Loss of Triple Knockout Pig Kidneys in a Pig to Baboon Model"
And Dr. Kazuhiro Takeuchi, MD, PhD, was honored with the TTS-IXA Scientific Congress Award for his presentation, "B4 and CMAH KO pigs may express new antigenic specificities that cause delayed vascular xenograft rejection in pig-to-baboon kidney transplantation" ahead of this year's International Xenotransplantation Association's 15th Congress, to be held October 10-13, in Munich, Germany.