CCTI Surgeon Dr. Joshua Weiner's Editorial in New York Times

From the editorial:


“Any thoughts?” my father asked me in an email. The subject line read “#Solidarityat8.”

Yes, I have a few thoughts.

As a devoted nonmember of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and a conscientious objector to any internet meme or trend since AOL chat rooms, I learned that #Solidarityat8 is a moment of public silence, cheering or clapping at 8 p.m. each night to “show support for health care workers.” It’s a time when the world, or at least the Twitterverse, honors my colleagues and me with a communal offering of thanks.

No need.

I am a health care worker, a transplant surgeon in New York. Those who are about to run into the pandemic without adequate gowns, masks or hand sanitizer do not benefit from a confusing mixture of appreciative noise and not-noise any more than would firefighters about to rush into a fire without gear.


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