For Patients and Families

While the importance of scientific findings and technical innovations cannot be overestimated—often the primary focus of investigators and typically the recipient of the greatest limelight—the ADRC assigns equal importance to the less tangible goals of patient outreach and advocacy, and in recruiting patients to ongoing clinical trials.

Patient Outreach and Advocacy

Throughout its history, the leadership of the ADRC has actively participated in local, national, and international efforts in patient outreach and advocacy. These efforts include forums arranged by the National Institute on Aging, the Alzheimer’s Association and other organizations in educating the population at large.

The ADRC at Columbia is based in a heavily populated area in Manhattan and  more broadly  in the tri-state area that includes New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We have forged a close working relationship with the local chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association, but also other local organizations—including museums, libraries, places of worship, and various assisted living communities. As such, our efforts at outreach and education is transmitted to a very broad audience.

Additionally, as NYC is the center of the media and many press outlets, the ADRC provides a strong voice as a beacon for patient advocacy and in propagating information on new findings in the field.