Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC)

For Patients & Families

The Columbia University ADRC is dedicated to patient outreach and advocacy. The Center is currently recruiting for 6 trials, with 2 more slated to begin soon.

Training Opportunities

As part of its mission, the Columbia University ADRC provides training opportunities and funding for researchers. To date, the ADRC has provided support to over 80 labs across our campus.

Research Labs

Led by some of the best minds in their field, specific projects cover a broad range of scientific disciplines, allowing the Columbia University ADRC to mobilize toward its goals in research and training.

Investigators Resources

To foster new research, the Columbia University ADRC offers a range of core facilities and databases of clinical, genetic and imaging information.

Ways to Give

We welcome financial support from our donors through the Taub Institute. Donate now.

Interested in Research

Are you interested in participating in research for the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center? Take our survey.