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CUMC Web Services provides a full range of web site development, design, hosting, and programming to the Columbia University Medical Center community.



WDS Secure Site

There are basically 3 options for a Secure Site (intranet), which will use password protection, and which one you should use depends on how fast and/or secure you need your section. All 3 have pros and cons. The "Estimated cost" and "Time to implement" are ballpark estimates. Your directories/files may go over that based on how large/complex they are. They are listed from less restrictive to more restrictive.

IP Filtering

WIth IP filtering, only those users who have computers on campus, or use VPN to get a temporary campus IP address will be able to look at the pages. However, if your users need information on the web from off-campus, this isn't a good choice. Accessible to *anyone* on campus.

Estimated cost: $189
Estimated time to impliment: 2 business days

WIND Authentication

Users access your pages using their UNI and their Columbia email password through the University's secure login (known as "WIND"). Users won't have to remember additional usernames or passwords. This works great if your pages should only be accessed by all Columbia users. Restrictions can also be placed based on a subsection of Columbia users (department or list of UNIs) for a small fee and time increase which depends on the restrictions you'll need.

Estimated cost: $440
Estimated time to impliment: 5 business days

Username/password (best for "intranet" sites/pages)

With username/password you will have pages in a directory to be viewed by only those you give access to, but that username/password may be distributed beyond your control somewhat. Those you want to, however, will have off-campus access to that information. They will actually have to remember the username/password and you'll find that some people will forget and you'll have to have the time/method to deal with that. This is generally the better option with good security and is ideal for smaller groups of users.

Estimated cost: $440
Estimated time to impliment: 3-4 business days
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