Study Participation

This study has important implications for IP roles, organization, and infection prevention activities. We hope to provide information that can improve use of evidence-based policies for the prevention of hospital-associated infections and IP efficiency. The reliability of study results require high participation of infection preventionists.

The study aims to evaluate changes in IP roles and department organization respective to involvement in the CHAIPI program. Data collection consists of two online surveys; the first to establish baseline values, and a follow up survey conducted 18 months later. The researchers will also conduct site visits and qualitative interviews of staff of a small sample of hospitals.


Phase I Participation

Survey completed Dec 2008.

Phase II Participation

Survey completed June 2010.

Data collection for the study is complete. We would like to thank all of the infection preventionists that participated in the study!

If you would like to participate and do not receive an invitation, please contact the Principal Investigator Patricia Stone (212-305-1738 or or Project Director Monika Pogorzelska (212-305-3431 or

This study has been approved by Columbia University's Human Subject Institutional Research Review Board.