Tuition Exemption

The Tuition Exemption Benefit Program is offered for both Officers and Support Staff, so that you and your family members may take courses at Columbia.  Depending on your eligibility, the Tuition Exemption Benefit Program may pay tuition costs for courses at Columbia University, Barnard College, and Teachers College

Note that this is not a reimbursement or remission program; your tuition is simply exempted, up to a limit depending on eligibility. However, you are responsible for any applicable mandatory fees that are assessed at registration, such as student life fees, residence fees, course fees, student health fees, medical insurance, and textbooks.

Columbia University Human Resources determines employees' eligibility for these benefits. Registration & Student Financial Services processes Tuition Exemption benefits as determined by Human Resources. More information about eligibility is available on the Human Resources website

Submission Deadlines Each Term

To make sure your paperwork is processed on time, avoid late fees, and ensure any graduate-course-related tax exemption is applied in time to your paycheck,

Each term, you must submit your Tuition Exemption Eligibility Form. If you are taking graduate-level courses and are eligible for the Job-Related tax exemption you must submit your Job-Related Graduate Course Certification Format the same time.

Submit forms to:


Registration &Student Financial Services
141 Black Building

Taxation on Graduate Courses

Tuition Exemption benefits for graduate courses are taxable under IRS regulations unless these courses are job-related.  If you are an eligible employee taking graduate courses that are job-related and not leading toward a doctoral degree, please submit the Job-Related Graduate Course Certification Application to Registration & Student Financial Services for processing.

Eligible employees are entitled to take up to $5,250 worth of graduate coursework per calendar year without being taxed. The $5,250 cap does not apply to these family members.

For more information on Taxation for Officers and Support Staff, please refer to the HR Benefits Website