Authorizing a Parent or Other Personal Payer

If a parent or other family member is responsible for your bill, you can set them up as an authorized payer.

Federal privacy regulations limit the access of other people, including family members, to your student account. For parents to be able to review the monthly E-Bill, you need set them up as an “Authorized Payer.” To create the authorized payer account, log in to SSOL, select "Account Detail and E-Billing," and then select “View E-Bill and Pay by E-Check.” From the left navigation, select “Authorize Payer.” Follow the instructions to create a user name and temporary password for each Authorized Payer.

Be sure that you inform your Authorized Payer of their temporary login and give directions to the site. The Authorized Payer will be prompted to change their password and verify their email address the first time they log in.

For more information about Authorized Payers, visit our Ask Us FAQ.

For information about sponsored payments, for example payments by a non-Columbia employer, see Sponsored Billing.